Gorgeous sunset in Arizona

Arizona has gorgeous sunrises and sunsets. Most people are still asleep when the sun rises but the sky puts on a show just about every evening too. When I am training, I run early in the morning before sunrise and feel sorry for all the souls still in bed as I greet the sun coming up over the horizon. Today, this was the scene (pictured) at sunset when I was out walking Missy. Over the past couple of weeks, Missy’s lethargy has pretty much disappeared. She looks and acts all energetic. Her hind legs don’t have the spring they used to, and she has trouble jumping up or standing on her hind legs, but she still has energy!

I ran today on The Village treadmill for 40 minutes for about 5.1 miles. I started easy, picked up the pace and then finished easy. It felt good to run hard for about 15 minutes in the middle!

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