A million cases of liquor

I had a meeting in downtown Phoenix with a liquor-distributor (potential) client. We toured their warehouse; 430,000 sq. feet with liquor cases stored 3 and 4 stories high; almost a million cases of beer, wine and spirits worth more than $80 million. It was an awesome sight!!

I am absent-minded. I lose my keys, my wallet, my iPhone, my Garmin, etc. all the time. The correct word is actually “misplace.” Today I forgot my laptop case in the conference room where we met and almost had to drive all the way back in traffic and heat. I was quite annoyed at myself. Fortunately, one of their employees (Sarah) was coming up North closer to my house and I didn’t have to go all the way back. Thank God!

With no laptop to work on, I escaped work and went to The Village for a 40-minute run for just north of 5 miles. 40-minute runs are becoming pretty routine for me now. I can’t run long until my blood tests (early August). 

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