A good week for us liberals

It was a hectic day today at work. In the heat of the day, I was out and about almost all day for lunch and client meetings. I tried to get home a bit early to squeeze a workout but didn’t get home until around 6PM. Since Missy had been alone at home all day, we decided to stay in and hang out with her.

It has been a good week for us liberals. First, SCOTUS ruled in favor of Obamacare. Then, due to the tragic shootings last week in Charleston, there is tremendous pressure to take down the confederate flag from various government buildings. Now, SCOTUS has ruled in favor of gay marriage. I’m sure that conservatives are steaming (especially in the South) and are blaming the liberals for being angry. Hey Limgaugh and Hannity and Medved and Savage and Beck and Ingram and Prager and Hewitt and the rest of you on the far right; look at us liberals, we are smiling; now look in the mirror, you are not. Just know that as a liberal, I am happy that these changes are finally happening. They are long overdue!

On Sunday, I fly to Durango with Kelly (who works with me) to kick off a new project. Durango sits just North of the four-corners regioin and is nicely nestled in the mountains. I look forward to running in the cool temperatures. Durango sits at an elevation of about 6,000 feet making the air a bit thinner and breathing a bit more difficult.

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