Hot and humid running in Scottsdale

It rained just a bit last night. This morning, the sky was overcast. It was hot and humid outside. Somehow when I stepped outside at around 10AM, it didn’t seem that hot. I decided to go for a 10k loop (6.2 miles) near my house. Since the first few miles are either flat or slightly downhill, I maintained a sub-8 pace. It was in the 5th mile that things went south. It was slightly uphill and I was overheating. My heartrate was in the 160s and I just couldn’t run slow enough for it to cool down. The temperature was well into the mid 90s and humid. At the 5-mile mark, I ended up at my club (The Village) and called Binita to come pick me up. Yep, it was a wimpy move, but I am not training for anything right now.

The critters are out in Arizona. I saw a greenish bark scorpion and a bug the size of a tennis ball today. The large bug looked like a cross between a cockroach and Godzilla. Yikes!! The cool sighting today was a roadrunner in our courtyard. He was pecking on the door-glass probably wanting to come in because it was too hot outside. I was able to take a couple of pictures with my iPhone but they came out blurry…

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