Haboobs in Phoenix; off to Durango, Colorado

Yesterday, we experienced the first haboob of the season. After America so grotesquely invaded Iraq, the soldiers came back with a few select words from the Middle East. Haboob was one of these words. The word is actually Arabic and frequently used in North Africa and parts of Asia for a thick dust storm.

Today, we experienced the second haboob of the season. Fortunately, both haboobs bypassed us but we felt the side-effects of the blowing dust. Sometimes it rains heavily after a dust storm but this time, it was just dust, dust and more dust!

Right after the dust storm, I met up with Shelly at Lifetime Fitness for a mile-long swim. The pool was quite dirty after the storm and we swam pretty easy for a mile. I blogged a few days ago about my new swim goggles by Structure; I love them!

I took Missy to the vet today for a blood checkup. Missy has been energetic lately and I expected a clean bill of health. Unfortunately, her blood count is low again and she has to go see a specialist. Ugh!

Tonight I leave for Durango for work. I hope for cool temperatures and decent running conditions. Durango’s elevation may affect my breathing, but I’m certain it will be much nicer running than the 100+ degree temperatures in Phoenix these days!

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