Missy’s blood count is down again

We leave for Santa Barbara tomorrow. I wanted to finish almost all my work today ahead of schedule and simply ran out of time for a workout. I was planning to go to the cardio sculpt class with Adele at The Village this evening; unfortunately it will have to wait until next week.

We expected Missy’s vet appointment last week to give her a clean bill of health. She has been active and energetic lately. It was disappointing that her blood counts have actually fallen; this means she has to go on a heavier dosage of steroids. She also has to go see a specialist. Sometimes I wonder how accurate the testing equipment is. When we reduce her dosage she seems to perk up, seems happier and more energetic.

Phoenix has been super-hot these days. Haboobs are a regular occurrence and rain seems to evade us. It will be refreshing to get out of town for a few days to the cool ocean breezes of Santa Barbara. Missy will come with us. I miss Simi…

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