Hilly, humid run in Santa Barbara

We are in Santa Barbara, California. It is gorgeous here with bright sunny skies, a gentle breeze and perfect temperature in the low 70s. Binita, Missy and I drove down here with Mitch and Nancy in his minivan. The journey was pretty uneventful with Mitch at the wheel. Missy was pretty well-behaved in the back seat with us mostly just chilling out.

We are staying an a cute little 3BR cottage about a mile-and-a-half from downtown Santa Barbara. It looks like a mixed semi-quiet neighborhood. The cottage has a small front and back yard where we can all relax while Missy roams free. It is nothing fancy, but it is quite perfect!

I went for a hot and hilly run as soon as we arrived. I asked a random girl how to get to the ocean from here and she pointed at the general direction. West! It was nothing but hills. I ended up doing about half my run in dirt trails that lead up a mountain where a few para-gliders were testing their mettle. Some of the hills were quite steep forcing me to walk a few paces before I could shift into a slow jog. I ran only 4 miles but they felt quite tough in the sunny 75-degree temperature and heavy humidity!

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