The best ice cream in the world

It was an amazing day today. Binita and I went for a long walk with Missy all the way from our rented home through the main drag in Santa Barbara down to Shoreline Drive. We started early in the morning and walked and walked and walked. We had lunch at the Fishouse in the lovely sunshine. I had coconut shrimp and B had salad with salmon.

I decided to sign up for the Semana Nautica 15k in Santa Barbara tomorrow (July 4). Apparently, it is a relatively flat course and some of the super-fast elite local runners show up. Santa Barbara has an active running culture. You see people running everywhere. Men and women, young and old, shapely and out-of-shape, with or without headphones, they all run up and down residential streets, beach-lined streets and mountain trails. I am a little nervous about tomorrow’s race. I usually have a race plan made up well in advance; for this one, I haven’t even looked at the course!

I went for an easy 5k run today (3.12 miles). I took it easy making sure that my heart-rate stayed at Level 1 and low Level 2 for all of the run. I ran through urban neighborhoods around our rented home and stopped a few times at red lights. The run was flat as a pancake.

Mitch and Nancy were away almost all day to see their kids (who are at camp). After they returned, we went out to dinner. It was after dinner that the highlight of the evening happened. An ice cream place called McConnell’s on State Street in Santa Barbara has the best ice cream I have ever had; better than even Havmor in my hometown of Ahmedabad, India. There was a line out the door as people waited patiently for the world’s best ice cream. We had a bowl full of three scoops; Salted Caramel Chip, Sri Lankan Cinnamon and Almond Chocolate. It was the Salted Caramel Chip that scored 10 out of 10 in my book. If you are ever in Santa Barbara, you must go to McConnell’s. You’ll love it!

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