Back in Scottsdale | An easy swim at The Village

We drove back to town today. After the lovely first hour of the drive down the 101 from Santa Barbara to LA with the Pacific on our right and gentle mountains on our left, we drove through Palm Springs and the desolate Eastern Arizona desert and on to Scottsdale. It was an uneventful drive with a couple of minor pit-stops. Mitch drove most of the way while the rest of us chatted about nothing consequential.

It was a pleasant 69 degrees when we left Santa Barbara. When we got home, it was a balmy 104. Stepping out of the car was like stepping into an oven. Welcome home to Arizona!

I went for a cool refreshing mile-long swim at The Village at around 5PM. My workout today was 300 yards warm-up followed by 300×2 pull, 200×2 pull and 150×2 pull before cooling down. I only swam a total of 1,700 yards total in just over 30 minutes.

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