Another gorgeous Arizona sunset

After a long weekend, I was back at work today. Summer is pretty slow here in Arizona, but this year we are far from slow at work. We have plenty of new clients and new projects; and more starting up soon. It’s bittersweet. Lots of work means lots of time required; it also means good financial gains, but all this is at the expense of time spent away from training or family. I guess it is a #firstworldproblem galore!

I showed up at the Monday evening 30-minute abs class. The regular instructor (Julie) who kicks my ass every Monday was out; Adele was substituting and her class was equally hard!

Arizona is hot these days but the inevitable approach of the monsoon means buildup of nimbus clouds late in the afternoons. This produces some gorgeous sunsets. I walk Missy around the neighborhood regularly in the evenings; it is nice to linger outdoors as the temperature cools and the sun sets. 

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