Heart thumping, feet stomping cardio sculpt

Some people are genetically more athletic. Most of us who have to work hard at achieving a certain level of fitness and still fall short of the folks who are naturally gifted. I know it’s all relative but when you go to a cardio sculpt class and you see lots of people jumping and skipping faster than you, and you see lots of people using heavier weights at a higher cadence, you start feeling inadequate. I like to think that I am competitive; so I push that much harder to keep up with these natural athletes. The result: soreness that lasts for days!

Today’s class was a heart-thumping, feet-stomping cardio-sculpt session that brought me down to my knees. Literally! By the end of class, I was keeled over in child’s pose breathing heavily and completely spent. I’m sure I will feel it tomorrow and the day after!

Naman and Rishabh are in South Africa. I am jealous. Every time they send a message on WhatsApp, I think of Cape Town and Kruger National Park. The hospitality, the history, the wine and food, the animals and birds, the natural beauty and above all, the people were absolutely the best! There is a marathon that I want to run in Entabeni Game Reserve in South Africa. It’s called the Big Five Marathon. You run through lion country! That’s definitely on my bucket list.

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