Easy run on an easy treadmill at The Village

The Village at DC Ranch (my club) has a bank of treadmills. I like to run on the one particular one because it is easier than the others. When that treadmill is occupied, I linger for a minute or two to see if the person running (or walking) on it leaves. Today this happened. I waited patiently for about 5 minutes but gave up. I found a new treadmill to run on and it was almost as easy as the one I really like. Now I have two favorite treadmills at The Village!

I didn’t run hard or fast; as you can see from the figure above, I ran comfortably managing my heartrate mostly in level 1 (less than 140bpm) but let it flirt into level 2 (less than 150bpm) for a while. I averaged just above 8:15 per mile. It felt good to run easy for 45+ minutes.

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