Listen to your body

My arms are sore. My torso is sore. My quads are sore. This is a result of doing the cross-training class a couple of days back. Everything hurts (but in a good way).

I usually go to abs class on Monday evenings but I rested today. Rest days are an important part of training and recovery. Rest allows your body to heal and your mind to relax. Running is a high impact sport. The micro-tears in your leg muscles need to rejuvenate. With proper amount of rest (usually after a long workout day), these rejuvenated muscles come back stronger and are more flexible. Many athletes overdo their training and get hurt. Many continue their training through the pain. As someone who has been there, done that, I can vouch first-hand as to how ridiculously stupid it is to train hard when you know you are hurting. Most endurance athletes preach “listen to your body” but few follow their own advice. I am still learning how to follow that advice.

Missy has been on steroids for the past 3 months now and her blood count is not improving. She is on new meds now for the past couple of days. She was pretty lethargic this morning so I decided to bring her to work this afternoon. She explored the office for a few minutes and then slept by my side. It is sad to see her become more and more passive as days go by. She is no longer her feisty self (although she shows glimpses of energy when she see another dog).

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