Interview with Gaurav Parekh | Casey Libonate

I created my Twitter account only a couple of months ago. My handle is @gpar2000. I mostly communicate with runners and triathletes all over the world and have a meager following of around 350 people. We tweet mostly about running and tri training and a few other miscellaneous topics like wildlife, travel, nutrition, a few liberal political topics and sometimes other sports.

Recently, one of my Twitter friends, Casey Libonate, reached out to me to write an article about Pipeline Worldwide (the charity whose board I sit on). I agreed. Earlier this week, she published an article called “Nonprofit Spotlight: Pipeline Worldwide | Interview with Gaurav Parekh” in an online magazine called The Odyssey. Thank you Casey!

I was up early this morning and decided to go out on a quick 10k (6.23 miles) run around my neighborhood. I started before 6:00AM and was back home by around 6:45AM. It was already hot and muggy outside but I’m happy I went running early today. Sometimes Fridays get busy at work and the training gets compromised.

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