Rejected from London Marathon

I don’t think I blogged about being rejected from the London Marathon 2016 lottery. I had put my name in the hat last week and was notified this week that I was denied. I will try for the Tokyo Marathon lottery now which opens on August 1. In the latter part of 2016, I am targeting Chicago and Berlin. Hopefully I’ll be able to run two majors next year.

Early this morning, I went out on a 10k group run with Sole Sports. Approximately 50 runners showed up for the 5k/10k group run on the canal. It was a fun, festive time with lots of raffle prizes. I ended up doing a tempo run with my heartrate well into the 150s for most of the run and my speed averaging 7:50 per mile. It was hot and humid this morning and it felt just a bit harder than expected. I actually ended up winning some free swag at the raffle (headphones and other miscellaneous Saucony-branded stuff). Bonus!!

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