Still hoping to run London Marathon in April 2016

I thought about going for a swim today but ended up doing a cardio burn workout at The Village instead. The Village has a small indoor track that I took full advantage of today. I mixed in running, sprinting, weights, planks, stretches, crunches, etc. to get a not-so-intense 40-minute session in. It didn’t feel too difficult but still felt good!

I found out that I still have a chance to run the London Marathon in 2016 through an agency in India that offers lottery spots. I have already been rejected once (through the US agency) but have not given up hope yet. I am in communication with the folks in India and am optimistic. We’ll see how it all transpires. London in early 2016 is my first choice followed by Tokyo. In the latter part of 2016, I would like to run either the Chicago Marathon or the Berlin Marathon.

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