Another gorgeous Arizona sunset

Approximately once a week, I rest my body and my mind. It usually happens on Sunday or Monday after a hectic Saturday. Today I decided to rest. From now through my blood test on August 7, my training will be somewhat limited. I will still try to run just a bit long on Saturdays but otherwise it will not be anything crazy. Instead, I will hang at home and take Missy for walks around the neighborhood. The monsoon sunsets in Arizona are gorgeous. Maybe we will see a rainbow or two.

As you can see from the pictures to the left, we live in a lovely neighborhood with a European-style garden called Ethel’s Park. It has flowing fountains and flowering trees around it with park benches and green grass. It is about a minute from our house. Evening walks tend to be serene with the sun setting on one side and glowing purple mountains on the other.

The  bottom picture is from yesterday and the top one is from today. Gorgeous, right?

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