Lost iPod, found iPod, broken iPod

A couple of days back, I lost my iPod at The Village. One moment I had it, and the next moment it was gone. I was irritated and confused as to where it may have vanished. I retraced my steps; the bathroom, the staircase, the water station, the treadmill, back to the car…nothing! I went to lost-and-found and still nothing. Ugh!

I went back to The Village for an easy 6-mile run today. I was happy to learn that somehow they had my iPod waiting at the front desk. They are not sure how or where it appeared there; maybe someone found it and returned it! It’s just an iPod but it sure made me happy!

I tried to turn it on only to notice that the battery was dead. Strange! After charging it for a couple of hours, it still wouldn’t turn on. I Googled for solutions and tried holding down different buttons in different orders and still nothing. I plugged it in to the USB port of my laptop and could actually see the iPod and even play songs through it. Obviously something is wrong with the screen. Maybe the iPod ended up with all the used towels and went through the washer-dryer. For now, I have my iPod back, but it’s broken!! I’ll be using Binita’s iPod in the foreseeable future (she uses Amazon prime music on her Android for music).

I ended up running an easy 6 miles on the treadmill today. My heart-rate didn’t get past mid-level-2 and was mostly in level-1 territory. It felt good!

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