TCS NYC Marathon Training Plan taking shape

Adele wasn’t teaching the cardio-sculpt class today. We had a substitute and she wasn’t quite as tough as Adele. It wasn’t as much fun either. It was a mixture of 3 exercises (cardio, weight and strength) repeated 3 times lasting about 12 minutes. We went through this 4 times with the last 10 minutes for cool down. It just wasn’t very exciting!

The New York Marathon is now 102 days away. Since I don’t have an official coach anymore, I have created my own training plan that will start right after my blood test on August 7. The basic format of the plan is as follows:

  • MONDAY: Stretch and ab work (1 hour)
  • TUESDAY: Intervals (Cardio Blaster, Speedplay or Cardio Sprint)
  • WEDNESDAY: Spin for about an hour
  • THURSDAY: Tempo run (ranges from 50 minutes to 7 miles)
  • FRIDAY: Rest day or an easy swim
  • SATURDAY: Long run (ranges from 8 miles to 20 miles)
  • SUNDAY: Either crosstrain (mix of swim, bike, run, strength, yoga) or race

The funnest day is shaping up to  be Tuesday. I will blog about details on the 3 different trainings for Tuesdays in the next few days.

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