14-week training plan for New York Marathon #TCSNYCMarathon

On Monday, I start the 14-week training program leading up to the New York Marathon on November 1. Since I am self-coaching this time, the plan may not be perfect but I am quite happy with it. You can see that it starts out easy for the first couple of weeks before it builds to a half marathon, then builds again for the next few weeks and then finally tapers off a couple of weeks before the Marathon. The toughest week is will be 3 weeks before the race.

As for training today, I called it rest day just because I wanted to. That doesn’t sound like a committed runner, does it? Well, commitment starts on Monday. As per the training plan, my first race will be on Saturday, August 8. There’s a 5k on the west side that I will probably end up running. 

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