The finest ice cream in Arizona; and kulfi too

Sweet Republic is an ice cream store that was featured a few years back in Bon Appetit magazine and on the Food Network. They have funky ice cream flavors with crazy ingredients like bacon and avocado. This afternoon, Binita and I swung by there before going over to Don and Debbie’s place for spaghetti and meatballs. At Sweet Republic, we found kulfi. Imagine a thicker, denser and creamier ice cream with cinnamon, pistachio and cardamom flavors and you have kulfi. It is absolutely delicious. I grew up with kulfi in India. The Sweet Republic kulfi wasn’t quite the same as the kulfi I used to eat at kulfi stands on the streets of India, but it was still pretty good. If you are ever in Scottsdale, head on over to Sweet Republic and you may just find kulfi. If you do, consider yourself lucky!

Mind you now though, the ice cream at Sweet Republic is not quite as good as McConnell’s in Santa Barbara or even Havmor in Ahmedabad, India (admittedly, I am biased towards Havmor).

As for my training today, I ran at level 1 and 2 on the treadmill for a a total of 7.36 miles in an hour. It was nice and smooth. I feel pretty good about my upcoming blood-test in about 2 weeks. I have my fingers crossed!

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