We humans are heartless; therefore, Cecil the lion is dead

Cecil the lion is dead

Cecil the lion is all over the news. Cecil is dead; hunted heartlessly by some a$$hole. How anyone can hunt these amazing wild animals in their natural environment is beyond my understanding. And for what? “Sport” they say! We humans are cruel and Cecil the lion is proof of our cold-hearted ways. First of all, my definition of sport is when two or more people (or teams) compete against each other with relatively equal equipment on a level playing field. When one party has a gun (or a bow and arrow) and the other has no idea that they are being hunted, it’s not sport. It’s plain persecution; even sadism. And don’t even get me started on guns…

Look at the picture below. That’s what we saw in South Africa last year. These are lions. They are the kings of the African bush; they are wild; they are ferocious, but they are loving. Only an unsympathetic, unkind, unfeeling a$$hole of a human can put a bullet through one of these amazing creatures. If you sense some anger in my words, your senses are feeling me.

Lion bliss in South Africa

As for my training, the official New York marathon training plan kicked off today with an easy training day. It’s been a few Mondays since I have been to Julie’s abs class but that’s were I started today. It was a medium level of torture for 30 minutes and then I ran on the indoor track for the next 30 minutes. My heartrate throughout the entire session was well within level 1. It was a pretty relaxed training day but the anger about Cecil’s death is boiling over.

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