The dentist from Minnesota

They found the guy who killed Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe. Apparently, it was a dentist from Minnesota who paid some $55,000 for a trophy hunt. Jerk! The story is quite unbelievable. It has made me sad, mad and irritated. The jerk used guides to lure the lion out of the protected park using some sort of bait and then shot him with a crossbow. He and the guides then tracked him for another 40 or so hours before killing the lion with a gun. The body of the lion was found with its head decapitated apparently for a trophy. It makes me SICK just to think of how some people can be so heartless. Ugh!

For training, Tuesdays will be fartlek and/or interval days. Today, it was “cardio blaster 01” day. I wramed up for 10 minutes and then ran 5 intervals of 3 minutes at level 3 followed by 3 minutes at level 2 before cooling down for the final 10 minutes. It was a pretty comfortable run at a sub-8-minute-per-mile average for a total of 6.32 miles in 50 minutes.

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