Prowl and growl hunting

It has been hot and humid lately in Scottsdale but rain has not showed it’s pretty face. It threatens to rain but fizzles out. The most I have felt in the past month is a few droplets. Another days has gone by without any rain, and the forecast for the upcoming week looks pretty dry.

What has shown up lately are scorpions. We have found half-a-dozen in the past couple of weeks including the one you see above. Missy finds them mostly in the evening. As soon as she senses one, she starts this low primordial guttural growl. I think Simi taught her how to hunt for them. They used to tag-team and surround a scorpion; and then Missy used to smash it with her left paw. Simi’s technique was different; she would bite and fling it in the air to completely disorient the scorpion and then kill it. It was quite a sight to watch them! Now with Simi gone, Missy prowls the house every evening trying to find them. It is her prowl and growl routine!

Training today was an easy 6-mile run on the treadmill in just short of 50 minutes for an average speed of just about 8-minutes-per-mile. So far, week 1 of New York Marathon training has gone well. No hiccups, no injuries, no missed sessions, and I feel good.

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