Blissful Torture in Julie’s class

I got tied up at work and missed Julie’s 5PM abs class. Instead I ended up going to her 5:30PM cardio-weights class. It turned out to be a combination of cardio stepper exercises, shoulders, arms, glutes and quads with free-weights, a variety of presses with sliders, lunges combined with weights and a final series of stretches. It was blissful torture set to the rhythm of pop tunes with some a pretty uplifting beat. Thanks Julie!

Today marks the beginning of the easiest week of New York Marathon training. I will rest tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday before my blood-test on Friday. I will run a few miles on Friday and then race a 5k on Saturday before cross-training on Sunday. Come next week, my miles will steadily pick up.

It remains hot in Arizona. We have more heat to look forward to this week and next. There is nary a cloud in the sky these days. You can see billowing clouds on the horizon behind the McDowell Mountain range, but they tend to either flare up into cumulus clouds or simply fizzle out.

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