Better lucky than good!

I have been active on twitter under the @gpar2000 handle for about two months now. I am still not completely comfortable with it but seem to have built a small following of runners all over the world. Yesterday, I hit a small jackpot by participating in #bibchat and answering 6 questions over the period of an hour. I won a $100 gift certificate from Zappos; I think it was a random drawing and I just plain got lucky! Here are the questions and how I answered them. There’s nothing special in the answers but they did get a lot of play!

  • Q1: Have you ever volunteered at race? If not, have you ever considered it? #BibChat
  • A1: I have volunteered for an #Ironman & the #Phoenix #Marathon – and always thank a volunteer while racing #bibchat 
  • Q2: Have you ever mentored a new runner? What advice did/do you give new runners? #BibChat
  • A2: Mentored? No. Provided tips? Yes. Thinking of coach #volunteering for the #LLS charity team for #RnRArizona Marathon in 2016 #bibchat
  • Q3: If/when you’ve donated to someone’s fundraiser in the past, what made you want to donate? #BibChat
  • A3: Support cause, support friend, support health – honestly, so my friends would support my cause when I run a charity race! #bibchat
  • Q4: Fundraising turn-offs – what might prevent you from donating to someone’s charity or fundraiser? #BibChat
  • A4: Political charities, rated low on #charitynavigator – also a turn-off is someone constantly asking for $ #bibchat 
  • Q5: Do you have any plans to use a future race to raise money? Which charity/cause and why? #BibChat
  • A5: Leukemia & Lymphoma Society #LLS Team in Training #GoTeam – I do 1 race per year supporting them #bibchat 
  • Q6: What would make fundraising easier or more appealing? #BibChat
  • A6: If only corporate sponsors would pay attention to a REAL sport like running instead of throwing big $$ to Football, Golf, etc. #bibchat
Best of all was the tweet that came after the chat of course (pictured above)!
As for training, today was rest day. I will also rest tomorrow and the day after and then is my all-important blood-test on Friday. Fingers are still crossed…

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