Hot but lovely evening walk by the lake

Today is the 2nd of 3 consecutive rest days. It remains hot in Scottsdale but I made the most of it by taking Missy for a walk this evening around the neighborhood and lingering here and there on the grassy areas. The mosquitoes were out this evening (which is pretty rare around where we live), but the evening was pleasant enough; if you can call triple-digit temperatures pleasant! I tweeted the picture above and someone replied with an emoticon that looked exactly like Simi. I still feel the heaviness in my heart when I think of her and feel guilty that I don’t think of her as often. Her lovely portrait adorns one of our kitchen walls; and I miss her smile and her quirky ways.

The vet’s office called about Missy’s blood count; they are still high but better than before. We are going to try a different combination of drugs to reduce her steroid intake. Let’s hope it works.

My chances of getting into the London Marathon in April, 2016 look promising. It is still not confirmed but I may hear back as soon as this week from a different channel (ya, it’s somewhat of a secret for now).

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