Missy is the Champion Scorpion Catcher

Today is the third and final consecutive rest day. Tomorrow morning is my blood test. I will not know the results for a few days but will continue on with training for the New York Marathon. Next week, my training intensifies and steadily climbs weekly. It remains hot in Arizona; I expect more than 50% of my training to take place indoors. Thank god for gyms and treadmills!

Missy continues her scorpion hunts every evening. She walks the inside perimeter of the house; behind the curtain, edge of the sofa, next to the TV, under the dining table, around the kitchen island, under the study desk, in the laundry room and all little nooks and crannies. No scorpion escapes her keen hunting senses. As soon as she sees one, she emits this low guttural rumble to alert anyone listening about danger lurking. Once you see a scorpion, they have no chance. They are too small to stand a chance against a shoe!

The one you see in the picture is from this evening right next to our sofa. We don’t call Missy “Champion Scorpion Catcher” for nothing!

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