Brag, crow, motivate, inspire, crow, support, reward and share

The running community on Twitter is peculiar. I am a relatively new member of this community and am still learning the ropes. Tens of thousands of runners tweet, brag, boast, motivate, inspire, crow, strut, encourage, support, reward and share a host of thoughts, emotions and personal information online on twitter. There are also dozens of running-based chats where twitter users answer random questions about equipment, running habits, how to keep cool, how to keep warm, how to select races, how to train, how to build strength and endurance, what and how much to eat and a host of other running-related questions. Some of these chats are sponsored by large companies in the running world. I had to good fortune to win a $100 gift certificate from Zappos last week for answering questions based on run-supported-charities. Somehow my tweets were able to garner some pretty high engagements (e.g. favorites, retweets, answers, etc.). Basically, I mentioned Charity Navigator and got a boatload of folks engaging in conversations and favorites! Lucky I surely am!

For my training today, I worked on the elliptical machine, ran on the treadmill, lifted weights, did planks, ran easy on the indoor track and finally did a few pull-ups. It was all compressed within an hour and for the most part, I took it pretty easy.

We are off to Washington, DC on Friday to hang out with Naman for a few days. I am scheduled to run for 12 miles on Saturday and hope that I get to run near the Washington Monument.

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