Travel to DC and dinner at Rasika West End

The day started super-early this morning. We flew to DC to see Naman for a few days. The flight was uneventful and smooth. For a change, we were flying first making the journey quite comfortable and relaxed. I attempted to watch the movie Thor on the flight. That was a mistake; it’s a pretty bad movie in spite of Natalie Portman!

Once in DC, we checked into the Hyatt in Arlington and then went and saw Naman’s new condo. Nice! For now it is empty but will be furnished in the next few weeks. For dinner, we ended up going to an Indian place called Rasika West End. Apparently, it has received some rave reviews from various critics. In my humble opinion though, it was quite average. The sev puri had a bit too much yogurt that wasn’t smooth, the sev was not quite the paper-sev I am used to and the puris were not the perfect crunch. The paneer was not melt-in-your-mouth paneer and finally, the papad definitely needed help. The bhindi was quite decent and the naan was excellent. Overall, I would rate it above average but no more than 6 on a scale of 10.

My old friend from Cleveland Kruti joined us and we ended up going to a wine bar called Eno next to the Four Seasons in Georgetown. I had a flight of dark chocolate and port wine. The company and the wine were quite perfect!

As for training, today is rest day! Tomorrow, I will run 12 miles through the heart of all the monuments. I can’t wait…

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