Easy 6 mile run and the best coffee in Virginia

After the long and hectic day yesterday, the day started a bit late today. As soon as I woke up though, I was off and running pretty much the same route as yesterday. After the long run of 12 miles, it was time for a shakeout run of 6 miles today. I started by the Arlington cemetery, down and back up to the Memorial bridge to the Lincoln Memorial, by the World War II Memorial to the Washington Monument and back for a total of exactly 6 miles. I was hot by the time I ended the run but felt pretty good!

Since Naman is moving to Arlington, Virginia and has bought a condo in the upscale Rosslyn neighborhood, we went to a few furniture stores around town. We finally settled on some contemporary design for a sofa and a bed from a pretty nice store called Room & Board. It was hot and humid all day; walking from store-to-store was quite a chore but the crowds were out and about.

We also went to the Museum of American History and Natural History before walking around in near the Washington Monument and the White House. Washington, DC is pretty nice. Parking is relatively easy and while it is crowded, it is not like the crazy and unruly crowds I experienced in Paris. There are selfie-sticks galore but once again they are far less than Paris!

We went out to a decent Ethiopian restaurant called DAS in Georgetown. It had rave reviews from friends and from Trip Advisor and once again it failed to impress. It was good, not great! The best restaurant we have been to in DC (Virginia) has to be North Side Social in Arlington, VA. The coffee is absolutely to die for (pictured above)!!

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