Washington, DC 23 National Park Cancellation Stamps

Tomorrow morning we fly back to Phoenix. Today we visited the Museum of American History, Museum of Natural History and walked around near the Washington Monument, White House and World War II Memorial. We ate salads sitting on a park bench by the Washington Monument. It was hot and humid but there were hundreds of tourists walking in all directions. All of them had cameras either on their phones or the point-and-shoot kind, and some serious photographers even carried SLRs with zoom lenses. Of course, there were plenty of selfie sticks too!

The highlight of the day came when we found 23 National Park stamps all in one location. These can be found in the small park office building just east of the Washington Monument. #Jackpot is the only way to describe it. Washington, DC is a smorgasbord of National Parks and Monuments. You can spend weeks and weeks discovering the various monuments, memorials, museums, galleries, parks, restaurants, coffee shops, etc. etc. and still only scratch the surface.

In the evening, I went for a quick 4-mile run right as the sun was setting. It was still hot but comfortable enough!

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