A dangerous treadmill episode

Shoulder bruise

I had a mishap on the treadmill. It was all my fault. Here is what happened:

My favorite treadmill at The Village was occupied by a teenage girl who really didn’t know what she was doing. She had the treadmill set to its highest incline (30%) and was holding on to the sidebars for dear life as she walked up. I waited for almost ten minutes for her to leave but she refused to budge. Finally, I got tired and started running on another treadmill. I started running gingerly for my warm-up and barely two minutes in, the teenager left. I quickly took all my stuff and promptly annexed my favorite treadmill and started running. I thought I was so smart!

After about 5 minutes on the new treadmill, I realized that I forgot my car key on the other treadmill. With the treadmill running, I quickly went to retrieve my key. I was in a zone and didn’t realize that the treadmill was still running when I returned.

As I got on it; BAM. I was down. I hit my left knee first and then my left shoulder as the treadmill propelled me backwards. I scrambled and managed to get both my feet on the ground in front of the treadmill. The whole episode took less than 2 seconds but it felt like an eternity. The damage had been done. It left my left knee bruised with a couple of small lacerations (pictured below), my left shoulder bruised with a red cherry wound (pictured above); but most of all my ego was bruised as I embarrassingly got on the treadmill again as if nothing had happened. Needless to say, I ran hard!

knee bruise

I ran cardio pyramid fartleks today (6 miles). I was running on a hurt knee and shoulder but the pain came from running hard.

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