More blood test results and NYC Marathon training

I am still irritated with ESPN. I tweeted today to ESPNw that their “Best Female Athlete” bracket is flawed. They missed the best female athlete ever; Chrissie Wellington. As expected, I got no reply from them. I was happy though, that Chrissie herself favorited the tweet!

The saga of my blood test results continues. Strangely, I received back additional tests from the May, 2015. Something called Factor II, a genetic indicator came back negative. This means that this indicator is normal; a positive indicator would have meant that my blood is genetically more prone to clotting. This is good! So while there is no conclusive end-point to the blood thinner (Xarelto) I am currently on, all indications are that I will be off it in the next few months. Hello bicycling. Hello Ironman!

Today was rest day. My New York Marathon 2015 training is in full swing now. Saturdays are long run days. Tomorrow, I will run 14 miles. As you can see from the graph (below), I will steadily run longer and longer for the next few Saturdays before running a half marathon and then ramping up the miles again before tapering down. With the Arizona heat, some of these miles will be quite dreadful!

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