TCS New York Marathon 2015 Opening Ceremony

I went to the gym a good 30 minutes before Julie’s crazy cardio sculpt class today. Instead of waiting around twiddling my thumbs, I ran the indoor track for about 25 minutes at an easy Level 1/2 pace before going downstairs to class. It worked out nicely. The class was intense with various balances on the bosu ball, planks, cardio-steps and weights. 30 minutes was plenty to get my heart thumping on a scheduled easy day today.

It is now 67 days (and counting) until the New York Marathon. So far, my training has gone quite well. I have not even checked the course elevation but it should be a relatively flat race with small undulating hills (mostly on bridges). I receive email from NYRR (New York Road Runners) about once a week for training, souvenirs and training shirts. I have to admit that I do like receiving these emails.

Yesterday’s email was about the opening ceremonies at the 2015 TCS New York City Marathon. They are looking for runners who are willing to take part in the opening ceremonies a couple of days before the race. Of course, I said yes! It could be corny, but I am hoping that it will be cool!!

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