Tapas in oldtown Scottsdale on rest day

It’s Friday. It’s rest day! It remains hot in Arizona. I am quite sick of the heat but there is no respite in sight. Every day the high is in triple digits and the low is right around 80. It is hard to do any activity outdoors but I do run outdoors occasionally. Tomorrow is long run day. I expect to start early to run 16 miles on the greenbelt and the canal. I’m quite sure that the last few miles will be brutal.

We went out this evening with new friends (Chris-Christina and Gil-Maria) to a Spanish tapas place called Tapas Papa Frita in oldtown Scottsdale. It was loud in there with Spanish dancers livening up the ambiance. The food was above average but I wouldn’t say it was excellent. The conversation ranged from business to sports to kids to running (of course). Both Christina and Maria are semi-interested in joining LLS for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona Half Marathon. I hope they do; it would be fun to go out on group runs! Cool peeps…

I too have officially signed up for that race. LLS sent me a list of participants and the list is super-long. I see about 50 names signed up already. It will be a fun season.

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