16 miles of hot and humid blissful torture

It was hot. It was humid. All the folks running outdoors today were crazy. I was one of those crazy folks; probably crazier than most because it was my long run.

I started early this morning from Mountain View Park. Maria showed up early too. I consumed 2 gels and carried 10 more. I also had my water bottle with Gatorade Endurance mix. We walked slowly for the first 100 meters and saw a solitary male javelina lurking. Javelinas can’t see very well but have a keen sense of smell and sound. He came towards us; probably just curious but upon sensing our presence cantered away and stood under the bushes. I took this fuzzy picture with my iPhone!

Maria and I ran together for the first mile or so before I went ahead on my own going south on the greenbelt. The plan was to run 8 miles south on the greenbelt and the canal and then turn around to run back to the start. It was already 90 degrees and muggy. By the second mile, I was sweating profusely. I drank often. I did experience a mini runners-high at around mile 4 but it only lasted a couple of minutes. My thoughts kept drifting to the uncomfortable heat and humidity.

The first six miles went by rather easily. A slight breeze was with me and I was running just a bit downhill. In oldtown Scottsdale, I refilled my water bottle, ate 4 gels and ran on for another two miles to reach 56th St and Indian School. This is where I turned around to head back to my car. By now, I was hot and uncomfortable. My body was starting to stress. Other runners were scant. A few bicyclists passed me.

At mile 10, I reached back at the water fountain in oldtown Scottsdale. I consumed 2 more gels and ran on. My pace slowed. Each time I was exposed to the sun, I could only think about getting to the next shaded tree. At mile 12 and mile 14 I consumed 2 more gels as I took small breaks from the unbearable heat.

I finished 16 miles at an average of around 8:50 per mile. I was dead tired. The temperature was approaching a hundred degrees and it was right around 9AM. It was quite a scorcher today!

I came home and collapsed in a heap. I drank and drank and drank water and took a nap in the study. I woke up with a stiff calf. I have iced it twice and used the laser on it once so far. It still hurts.

I wore a compression sleeve all evening. We went out to dinner at an Italian place called Spiga on Miller and Pinnacle Peak. I had my calf sleeve on. It still hurts but hopefully it is just muscle fatigue. With my history, I can’t help thinking of DVT (although the likelihood of a DVT is pretty much zero since I am on Xarelto).

Tomorrow, I will take it easy with a shakeout workout!!

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