Sucker for Bootcamp torture

For the first time ever, I went to a bootcamp session at The Village taught by Rachel. She is an ultra runner having run multiple 100-mile runs. She is tiny but all muscle.

There were about 20 people in class. I was paired up with Katie (I had just met her) and we did a circuit with hand and leg gliders, medicine balls, weight-bars attached to straps, bosu ball planks, hopscotch and various types of jumps, pushups and drills. It was an exhausting class that left me completely winded and spent. I’m sure I will be back for more next week! I’m a sucker for torture.

There is an app called ClassPass (you can download it from the app store) that has taken off recently in almost all major cities in the US. It has caught our attention at Parsus. The concept is very simple and very effective. It is one of those things that you see and think, “Why didn’t I think of that?” As always, our brains are churning…

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