Wednesday evening punishment

It was time for Wednesday evening punishment today. For a couple of minutes, I thought I would be the only person in the cardio sculpt class at The Village with Jamie but a few others showed up at the last minute to share in the torture. It was non-stop cardio with elevated heartrate mixed in with weights, squats, jumps and the other usual moves to thumping music. It was hard but it was fun! When my heartrate is hitting the 150 mark and I am not running, I know I am working hard. Jamie runs this class with high energy and I’m glad she doesn’t have a following yet. She is excellent but she is not yet discovered by the snooty members!

Naman has confirmed that he is flying to Arizona on Sunday. He will be with us over the long weekend. We will probably barbecue with Rahul-Janki and kids. The temperature has definitely cooled down over the past couple of days. Let’s hope it doesn’t trend upwards anytime soon!

Now it is 60 days to go for the New York Marathon but who is counting??

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