Is it a car or a work of art?

Car is a work of art

Check out this crazy car parked next to Yogurtology today. The kid driving the car had hair similar to the jester hat you see on top of the car. It is a work of art!

Smooth tempo run

There are days when an easy run feels labored, and then there are days when a hard run feels smooth. Today was one of those. I ran hard for my tempo run on the treadmill at The Village for an hour and felt nice and smooth. I ended up running 7.7 miles in an hour. That’s a faster average than my BQ marathon pace and I had started and ended the run with a slow warm-up and cool down! I feel like I am in race shape right now. I hope I am not peaking too early! I still have a couple of months to go before my “A” race; the New York Marathon! We shall see…

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