Peaking too early for the New York Marathon

I’m afraid that I’m peaking too early for the New York Marathon. The race is still about 2 months away and my interval runs, tempo runs and even long runs are at just about race pace or faster. Today I ran 18 miles and barely felt it. Granted that it has cooled down considerably from last week but it is still hot by running standards!

Today’s 18-miler was on the greenbelt and canal; I averaged 8:25 per mile (my target race pace for New York will be right around 8:15 per mile). I started early at Mountain View Park in North Scottsdale running south on the greenbelt. At Indian Bend, I picked up the canal and ran all the way past 48th Street and Indian School Road. I ran into friends (Elizabeth and CJ) at the turnaround point. They were walking their dogs. I drank every few minutes and ate every 50 minutes. I didn’t overheat and felt pretty good.

In the afternoon, I slept pretty hard while US Open Tennis played on the television. Sometimes tennis is pretty boring and puts you right to sleep. Golf is perfect for sleeping!

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