Fond memories of playing board games

Naman arrived today. I picked him up at around 1PM and then decided to go to the gym later in the afternoon. After the long run yesterday, today’s session was an easy 80-minutes of cardio and weights. I alternated between the two every 5 minutes by running on the indoor track at The Village and doing a variety of exercises to work on my biceps, triceps, pecs, abs, upper and lower back, thighs, etc. etc.

In the evening, Rahul-Janki came over with kids for dinner. Kai and Anika are growing up fast. Kai is learning chess. I used to love chess when I was a kid. I remember playing chess in the front veranda of my house in India in the monsoon months. It would be raining buckets while we played for hours; chess, Chinese checkers, draft, carrom, MasterMind and various card games! When you grow up without television and you can’t go outside because it is pouring, you play board games. Fond memories…

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