Race plan for the Freedom run half marathon

I officially signed up for the Freedom run half marathon tomorrow in Peoria, Arizona. It is expected to be really hot but my training plan for the New York marathon calls for running a half this weekend. The start time for the half tomorrow is at 6:30AM; I hope that the first half of the race will be run in bearable temperatures. The low is expected to be above 80 degrees and the high climbing to triple digits!

As you can see, I have created a race plan that is not terribly aggressive. I expect to manage around an 8-minute-mile pace which will give me a total time of around 1:46. I think I will go just a bit faster than this, but probably not by much. It just depends on how my body can hold up to the heat.

Today is rest day. No workouts!

Today is also September 11. It was 14 years ago today that the US saw the worst attack by terrorists in her history. I can’t believe that it has already been 14 years since that fateful day…

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