New ideas taking shape

The birthday weekend is over! It was a superb weekend. I feel younger and wiser. Life has its imperfections but overall, I have no complaints. I have no new resolutions, no new goals, no new ambitions. I continue my pursuit of running and triathlon goals. I still come up with new business ideas and work on execution (the two I am excited about are Snapathon and BackPack). I have already blogged about Snapathon; you will hear about BackPack in the coming months here on this blog!

It’s Monday today and it was time to go for Julie’s cardio-sculpt class. As always, it was heart-thumping rhythm that pushed us for a combination of cardio and strength moves. By then end of the hour, we were all dripping wet but happy!

It is less than 50 days to go for the New York Marathon now and training is perfectly on schedule!

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