Excitement on a rest day (cool rattlesnake video)

For a rest day today, I had plenty of excitement. I had arranged for 4 of us (me, Khursheed, Brett, Cillian) to play golf at a charity golf outing to support Pipeline Worldwide (for more info text DIGWELL to 95577). Golf was scheduled at the WeKoPa golf course near Fountain Hills. Since I have given my clubs away, I had to borrow them back to play. I haven’t played in about two years and I was quite certain my game would be rusty. Fortunately, Cillian and Brett play regularly; and Khursheed used to be a 7 handicapper! We were on good hands.

It was a shotgun start. At around 8:35AM, we teed off from hole number 4. Immediately after came the most exciting moment of the day. As you can see from the video above, a rattlesnake was sunning itself on the fairway. As soon as we pulled up our cart somewhat close to the rattlesnake, I spotted him. He quietly slithered away gracefully as a few of us videotaped him!

There were plenty of other exciting moments including long putts, long drives and super-accurate iron shots. Most of them didn’t come from my clubs but I did have a few moments of brilliance (I use the word quite loosely). I also had plenty of duds! It’s all par for the course (pun intended). In a scramble format, we ended up shooting 62 (although somehow our score was posted as 59). No, we didn’t win anything. The winners shot a 52 (I smell foulplay)! We also saw a few roadrunners up close (like the one pictured below)!

Tomorrow I am scheduled to run 14 miles starting at Granada Park early in the morning. I have signed up to run the Rock n Roll Half Marathon in January with the LLS group. Each Saturday, we are scheduled to run together. I will mostly attend only when we are running somewhat close to my house. It has finally started to cool down with low temperatures in the high 70s. Running should be pleasant!

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