Pressure packed long run (not the kind of pressure you are thinking of)

After today’s relatively easy 14-miler run, I have two long runs to go. Next Saturday and the Saturday after will be my longest runs for New York Marathon training. Hopefully the temperature will have cooled to bearable running weather!

Lexie with puppy at TNT Tent

I started early this morning (around 5:40AM) from Granada Park with the LLS group. Unfortunately, the restrooms were still locked at the start. It was still dark when I started running south towards the Biltmore. I knew that the nearest restroom was at a gas station around 3 miles away. It would take me around 25 minutest to get there. I would be okay!

After 2 miles, the pressure to use the restroom intensified. I picked up the pace in anticipation. As I arrived at the gas station, I discovered that it was closed. Yikes! No restroom. Across the street is a U-Haul office where I have used the restroom in the past. I quickly walked over only to realize that this was closed too!

I was in discomfort with the pressure. There are two more restrooms that I know of but they were a good distance away. The first one is at OHSO but I was pretty sure it would be closed. It was less than a mile away. I was ready to explode but ran on. As expected, OHSO was closed. The next one was another mile down the canal on 56th St. I knew this one would be open because I have used it in the past early in the morning. By the time I reached there, I had already run 5+ miles. I noticed a utility truck parked in front of the restrooms. Oh no! To my dismay, the handyman driving the truck told me that there was some plumbing issue and the restroom was closed. WTF!! Double Yikes!

TNT Tent at Granada Park

Now I was desperate. I thought about knocking on a random house-door to request if I can use the restroom. It was not even 6:30AM. A bicyclist passing by told me that there is a public restroom just across the street. Where? It was right on the canal a mere hundred yards away. Thank god this one was open. Finally!! I found relief after about 5.5 miles of running.

I ran into Sar and Becky soon after. I made small talk and ran on almost to oldtown Scottsdale before turning around. The rest of the run was uneventful but hot. During the final 2 of the 14 miles, I started picking up the LLS runners. I recognized Denverlee and Tom. I finished at the LLS tent at Granada Park and hung out with about 40 other runners. The training group this season is quite large with lots of newcomers and alumni joining in for the Rock n Roll Arizona marathon and half-marathon.

I was home by 9AM. I removed my shoes only to realize that I had a bit of blood on my toes. I should groom my toenails regularly!

The rest of the day was uneventful and relaxing. I took an hour-long nap in the afternoon before going out to Flower Child for dinner. It is an excellent restaurant (if you happen to be in Scottsdale).

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