Inaugurate new shoes and new Superfeet

It was a lazy Sunday today. I fully intended to go to the Lifetime Tempe Triathlon but was too lazy to wake up early and make the trek down to Tempe. Instead, I stayed in bed until around 8:30AM. After yesterday’s 14-mile run, I slept hard and didn’t have the motivation to wake up early.

In the afternoon, I did go to The Village to do the usual cardio-strength-weights routine for 80 minutes. I inaugurated my new Saucony Kinvara limited edition Boston shoes wiht the new Superfeet greens. I intend to use this combination to run the New York City Marathon. The intervals today alternated between easy running and strength/weight training including planks, squats, crunches and working on various weights to tone the upper body. I even mixed in jumping rope to this training today!

In the evening we saw Exodus on TV. It’s a long and drawn out movie with plenty of biblical (mostly old testament) references. I found it a little too long and a little to fairy-tailish. I have not been blessed with the gift of faith (except when it comes to running); admittedly, I am just-a-bit biased against religion.

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