A rainbow to welcome a Tesla named Chetak

I have never been a car person. I have driven pretty ordinary cars like a Mazda, Honda, Hyundai, Toyota, etc. I did drive a used Mercedes SUV for a while but it was somewhat of a lemon. The nicest car I have driven was a Honda S2000 convertible. That changed today.

I took delivery of a white Tesla S with a dual sunroof and leather seats. It’s a beauty! I have named him Chetak. You can read about Chetak here on Wikipedia.
Once I start bicycling again, I will have a snow-white car and a snow-white tri bike. Chetak and Trocket will make the perfect pair. Therapy (my other bike) will also enjoy hanging with Chetak!

It poured down buckets this evening. I wanted to go out for my interval run but was stuck in the office until late. I called it a rest day! It was fun to see the downpour coupled with loud thunder and bright lightning. As I drove home, a lovely rainbow showed up over the McDowell Mountain range. Welcome home Chetak!

Tomorrow should be a bright, clean, sunny day. If all goes well, I will run my intervals in the morning and then go to cardio scuplt in the evening!

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