Hard morning run, hard evening cardio training

6.4 miles in DC Ranch – Intervals

It was absolutely gorgeous this morning. Last night’s thunderstorm cleaned out all the pollutants from the air leaving behind the crisp clear breathable air. It was perfect temperature too!

Ethel’s Garden in Silverleaf

Since I skipped my interval training yesterday, I went out running this morning around the DC Ranch neighborhood. I started slow for the first 10 minutes before running 5 intervals of 3 minutes at level 3 and 2 minutes at level 2 and then cooling down for the final 10 minutes. My route took me east on Thompson Peak, south on Pima, west on Legacy and then back up north on Thompson Peak for a total of about 6.4 miles in 50 minutes. It was still in the mid 70s when I ended and not even 7:30AM yet. I took Missy out for a quick walk before showering and going to work!

In the evening, I went to the gym for Jaime’s cardio sculpt training. As always, it was an hour of sheer torture with quick intervals of cardio including running, skipping, jumping jacks, weights, lunges, squats, box jumps, etc. etc. set to rockin’ thumping music. Jaime is in incredible shape. She has boundless energy. I try to keep up with her but fall short every time. My leg muscles were screaming at me for most of the class but I tried to keep a smile on my face as I struggled for almost the entire hour!

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