What a pain in the neck

My neck has been bothering me all day. The pain is not acute but is annoying. It is muscular but it extends all the way from the lower left front portion of my neck through my jaw almost to my left ear. It is not a throbbing pain; rather it is more like a slight discomfort. It’s kinda like a gnat making a buzzing sound around you but not biting you.

As you can see from the picture above, it was a lovely sunset in Scottsdale today. That picture was taken right outside our house!

The pain in my neck (no pun intended) didn’t keep me from going to bootcamp with Bre at The Village. After my long run a couple of days ago, I felt lethargic during bootcamp. I didn’t have the energy to go as hard as I normally do. Still, Bre gave me an ass-kicking! It’s a good thing this week is an easy one!
After bootcamp, my neck pain is a little more severe. I’m hoping that by morning it will be gone. If not, I may take the day off tomorrow. We’ll see…

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